Rules of life

2024年07月10日 - 阅读需时: 128 分钟
  1. Embrace the present moment; it's all you truly have. 拥抱当下;这就是你真正拥有的一切。

  2. Cultivate gratitude for what you have, instead of focusing on what you lack. 培养对你所拥有的感激之情,而不是专注于你所缺乏的。

  3. Listen more than you speak; you learn more that way. 多听少说;这样你会学到更多。

  4. Failure is a stepping stone to success; embrace it. 失败是成功的垫脚石;拥抱它。

  5. Trust your intuition; it's often right. 相信你的直觉;这通常是对的。

  6. Talking slower is a sign of confidence in what you are saying. 说话放慢是对自己所说内容充满信心的表现。

  7. Set boundaries and respect them. 设定界限并尊重它们。

  8. Your health is your wealth; take care of it. 您的健康就是您的财富;搞定此事。

  9. Quality over quantity in everything you do. 你所做的每件事的质量胜于数量。

  10. Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. 保持友善,因为你遇到的每个人都在进行一场你一无所知的战斗。

  11. Never respond immediately, wait a few seconds and do it cold & concisely. 不要立即回应,等待几秒钟,然后冷静而简洁地进行。

  12. Be open to new experiences and perspectives. 对新的经历和观点持开放态度。

  13. Never stop learning; knowledge is power. 从未停止学习;知识就是力量。

  14. Take responsibility for your actions. 对你的行为负责。

  15. Walk with your shoulders back & always maintain good posture. 走路时肩膀向后并始终保持良好的姿势。

  16. Stay humble, no matter how much you achieve. 无论你取得多少成就,都要保持谦虚。

  17. Invest in relationships; they are your true wealth. 投资于人际关系;他们是你真正的财富。

  18. Practice empathy and try to understand others' viewpoints. 练习同理心并尝试理解他人的观点。

  19. Perseverance is key to overcoming obstacles. 毅力是克服障碍的关键。

  20. Stay curious and keep exploring. 保持好奇心并不断探索。

  21. Don't worry what someone thinks about you. 不要担心别人对你的看法。

  22. Accept change as a natural part of life. 接受改变作为生活的自然组成部分。

  23. Practice self-discipline; it's essential for achieving your goals. 实行自律;这对于实现您的目标至关重要。

  24. Find joy in the little things. 在小事中寻找快乐。

  25. Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. 做你自己;其他人都已经被占用了。

  26. Take time to reflect and meditate regularly. 花时间定期反思和冥想。

  27. Act with integrity, even when no one is watching. 即使没有人在场,也要诚信行事。

  28. When you smile, use your eyes not your lips. 微笑时,用眼睛而不是嘴唇。

  29. Be proactive, not reactive. 积极主动,而不是被动反应。

  30. Value your time; it's the most precious resource you have. 珍惜你的时间;这是你拥有的最宝贵的资源。

  31. Practice forgiveness, for others and for yourself. 练习宽恕,为他人也为自己。

  32. Stay true to your values. 忠于你的价值观。

  33. Embrace your imperfections; they make you unique. 拥抱自己的不完美;他们让你独一无二。

  34. Be patient; good things take time. 要有耐心;好东西需要时间。

  35. Give more than you take. 给予多于索取。

  36. Be adaptable; life is full of unexpected twists. 适应能力强;生活充满了意想不到的曲折。

  37. Willingly accept what is outside your control and do not respond to it. 心甘情愿地接受那些超出你控制范围的事情,并且不去回应它。

  38. Believe in yourself and your abilities. 相信你自己和你的能力。

  39. Find balance in all areas of your life. 在生活的各个方面找到平衡。

  40. Practice mindfulness in everything you do. 在你所做的每一件事中练习正念。

  41. Learn from criticism, but don't let it define you. 从批评中学习,但不要让它定义你。

  42. Always look for the silver lining. 始终寻找一线希望。

  43. Surround yourself with positive influences. 让自己周围充满积极的影响。

  44. Dream big, but start small. 梦想远大,但从小事做起。

  45. Stay grounded, no matter how high you rise. 无论你爬得多高,都要脚踏实地。

  46. Learn to let go of what no longer serves you. 学会放弃那些不再为你服务的东西。

  47. Live with purpose and intention. 有目的和意图地生活。

  48. Challenge yourself regularly. 定期挑战自己。

  49. Live your life. Create a vision of what you want and follow that no matter what. 过你的生活。创造一个你想要的愿景,并无论如何遵循它。

  50. Be generous with your time, resources, and knowledge. 慷慨地贡献你的时间、资源和知识。

  51. Stay hopeful, even in tough times. 即使在困难时期,也要保持希望。

  52. Prioritize your mental and emotional well-being. 优先考虑您的精神和情感健康。

  53. Cultivate a sense of humor; laughter is the best medicine. 培养幽默感;笑是最好的良药。

  54. Be a good listener; it's a rare and valuable skill. 做一个好的倾听者;这是一项罕见且有价值的技能。

  55. Seek out mentors and role models. 寻找导师和榜样。

  56. Be willing to admit when you're wrong. 当你错了的时候要勇于承认。

  57. Find your passion and pursue it relentlessly. 找到你的热情并不懈地追求它。

  58. Take risks; they are often necessary for growth. 冒险;它们往往是成长所必需的。

  59. Respect others' opinions, even if you disagree. 尊重别人的意见,即使你不同意。

  60. Become strong in mind, body, spirit, and emotions. 思想、身体、精神和情感变得坚强。

  61. Be punctual; it shows respect for others' time. 要准时;这表明了对他人时间的尊重。

  62. Stay organized; it makes life easier. 保持井井有条;它让生活更轻松。

  63. Keep your promises; your word is your bond. 信守承诺;你的诺言就是你的纽带。

  64. Be proactive in solving problems. 积极主动地解决问题。

  65. Focus on solutions, not problems. 专注于解决方案,而不是问题。

  66. Maintain a positive attitude, no matter what. 无论如何,保持积极的态度。

  67. Learn to say no without feeling guilty. 学会说不而不感到内疚。

  68. Strive for excellence, not perfection. 力求卓越,而非完美。

  69. Stop asking for permission, seeking attention & validation and do what you think is right. 停止寻求许可、寻求关注和认可,做你认为正确的事情。

  70. Be a lifelong learner; always seek to improve. 做一个终身学习者;始终寻求改进。

  71. Value experiences over material possessions. 重视体验胜过物质财富。

  72. Stay connected to your community. 与您的社区保持联系。

  73. Find a mentor and be a mentor. 寻找导师并成为导师。

  74. Celebrate your successes, no matter how small. 庆祝你的成功,无论多么小。

  75. Learn to manage your stress effectively. 学习有效地管理压力。

  76. Learn how to fight and get into a fight, so you realize you're not made out of glass. Do it in a boxing gym. 学习如何战斗并参与战斗,这样你就会意识到你不是玻璃做的。在拳击馆里做。

  77. Be patient with yourself and others. 对自己和他人要有耐心。

  78. Don't compare yourself to others; your journey is unique. 不要将自己与他人比较;你的旅程是独一无二的。

  79. Stay honest, even when it's difficult. 即使困难重重,也要保持诚实。

  80. Keep an open mind; you can always learn something new. 保持开放的心态;你总是可以学到新东西。

  81. Be a person of integrity and honor. 做一个正直、有荣誉感的人。

  82. Practice self-compassion. 练习自我同情。

  83. Stay committed to your goals. 坚持你的目标。

  84. Respect nature and the environment. 尊重自然和环境。

  85. Foster creativity in your life. 培养生活中的创造力。

  86. Stay motivated and inspired. 保持动力和灵感。

  87. Take time to recharge and relax. 花时间充电和放松。

  88. Don't be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. 不要害怕坚持你所相信的事情。

  89. Value the journey, not just the destination. 重视旅程,而不仅仅是目的地。

  90. Keep your mind sharp and active. 保持头脑敏锐和活跃。

  91. Live simply, but think big. 生活简单,但胸怀大志。

  92. Cherish your loved ones. 珍惜你所爱的人。

  93. Be resourceful and innovative. 足智多谋、勇于创新。

  94. Stay optimistic, even in the face of adversity. 即使面对逆境,也要保持乐观。

  95. Cultivate resilience. 培养韧性。

  96. Be grateful for the lessons life teaches you. 感谢生活教给你的教训。

  97. Stay disciplined and focused. 保持纪律和专注。

  98. Live authentically and true to yourself. 真实地生活并忠于自己。

  99. Seek peace and contentment. 寻求平安与满足。

  100. Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. 无所畏惧地追求让你的灵魂燃烧的事物。

  101. Value honesty and transparency in relationships. 重视关系中的诚实和透明。

  102. Take care of your body; it's the only place you have to live. 照顾好自己的身体;这是你唯一必须居住的地方。

  103. Learn to love and accept yourself fully. 学会完全地爱和接受自己。

  104. Stay grounded in your principles. 坚持自己的原则。

  105. Be enthusiastic about life. 对生活充满热情。

  106. Practice gratitude daily. 每天练习感恩。

  107. Live with intention and purpose. 有意图和目标地生活。

  108. Be a light in the lives of others. 成为他人生活中的一盏灯。

  109. Always strive to be your best self. 永远努力成为最好的自己。

  110. Remember that you are enough, just as you are. 请记住,你就足够了,就像你一样。


Daily learning leads to thoughtful reflection, thoughtful reflection sparks dreams, and dreams pave the way for accomplishments.